Geller Preserve Geller Preserve River bottoms of Rock Creek 59432961 59432962 Pretty waterfall 59432963 59432964 Rock Creek 59432965 2010 was a banner year for Indian Paintbrush 80847660 Indian paintbrush 80847661 Indian paintbrush 80847663 All the red on this hillside is Indian paintbrush; plus the deer have nipped off quite a lot of the heads, so picture it with twice as much paintbrush as is here 80847665 Turkey nest! 80847662 Blue eyed grass! This picture is deceiving; the flower is probably under a half inch across. It's a member of the orchid family. 80847666 Blue eyed grass 80847664 Bloodroot is already done flowering for the year, but the distinctive leaves remain. 80847667 Wild geranium 80847668 May apples are always neat to see 80847669 But the crowning glory of this walk was the SHOWY ORCHIS that Andy Asell found. Way cool! 80847671 Showy orchis 80847670 Small waterfall 80847672 80847673 Jack in the Pulpit is such a cool flower! 80847674 Waterfall 80847675 80847676 Little drainageway coming into the creek 80847677 Trout lily 80847678 The meadow adjacent to Rock Creek 80847679 80847680 Rock Creek looking north 80847681 Rock Creek looking south 80847682 A ton of phlox were blooming....or, as Bill Muhs likes to say, his namesake plant - Sweet William 80847683 Closeup of phlox 80847688 Jacob's Ladder....the camera wouldn't focus on the flowers, sorry 80847684 Jacob's Ladder again 80847685 May apple! 80847686 Bluebells 80847687 A plethora of Jack in the Pulpits! (Jacks in Pulpit?) Anyway, whatever the plural of that name is, there was at least six of them in this bunch. 80847689 Hi Jack! 80847690 Wild geranium 80847691 Another Jack in the Pulpit 80847692 May apples 80847693 80847694