Love in an Envelope Love in an Envelope 59543668 We had a good crowd of people attend the event. 59543667 Museum Coordinator Sandy Harmel introducing the editors of Love in an Envelope 59543669 CCHS Board Member Dan Boddicker introducing a song that Martha mentions in her letters, called "Only A Little Brook" Martha receives this sheet music as a Christmas gift in 1871. 59543670 Daniel Tyler, character as Leroy Carpenter, main character of the book 59543671 Daniel Tyler and Betty Henshaw, editors. A.K.A. Leroy Carpenter and Martha Bennett 59543672 Hearing the readings and seeing Daniel and Betty recreate Leroy and Martha was really a neat experience...Leroy and Martha really "came alive," so to speak. Here Martha shows her sassy side to Leroy! 59543674 59543676 59543675 When the hat comes off, he goes back to being Daniel ;-) 59543680 Book signing 59543683 Sandy assisting with books 59543685 Dan Boddicker and Betty Henshaw discuss music 59543684 Leroy and Martha... 59543686 Daniel, Sandy, and Betty 59543687