BedBug & Blacksmith Shop Move BedBug & Blacksmith Shop Move Patterson & his crew start the day with a quick meeting 61211521 Then the truck rolls. 60975203 We noticed the door of the blacksmith shop was hanging open, so one of the crew climbed up to latch it. 61211515 CCHS Board Member & Blacksmith Mike Rocca applies some gentle persuasion to get the door shut all the way. 61211504 They pulled the fence between the fairgrounds and the cornfield. 60975204 ...and then needed a little help to get over the fenceline bump. 61211394 Well....maybe more than a "little" help. 61211390 The aftermath of the first efforts wasn't real pretty. 61211396 But, off we go! 60975207 We really cooked along for about 80 rods, then had to cross the ditch to get across the north fairgrounds road and into the next field. 60975210 So they set to work building a bridge. 61211392 We had some time to chat while they were doing this; took about two hours. 60975875 But, finally they laid the last steel plate! 60975876 And the test starts... 61211398 Looks good! 61211511 Truck is almost across! 60977451 And the cargo is following just as it should! 61211501 Quinn gets close with his video camera 61211512 last LEEEETTLE push! 61211517 Then into the other (shallow) ditch and a hard right turn into the field. 61211389 The ditch looked a lot shallower till the truck went down in it! 61211388 The dollies have hydraulic lifts that can go up about 18" to keep them level. 60978070 Now a hard left turn into the field! 60978071 Making sure it's rolling smoothly 61211505 Almost there 60978072 And it's up and across the field in no time! 60978066 Parked here for lunch break, then bridged across Logan Ave into another field. 61211391 Going like gangbusters, looking like nothing can stop them! 61211513 ...except this. 61211503 They bridged the truck across, then had to widen it for the dollies to cross. 61211518 There was rather a lot of water running across the field here. 61211507 Guess that 6" riser isn't really up to the task... 61211502 But, our intrepid crew gets across, and continues smoothly through the field. 61211399 The skid loader gives the extra assistance to make sure they keep moving 61211519 REC arrives to get the power lines out of the way 60979175 UP, UP, UP! 60979177 Plenty o' clearance 60979176 Nasty ruts through here 60979173 Cutting across the field...there's still standing corn here! 60979775 Guess we'll just knock it down....unless the combine hits us first! 60979777 Near miss 60979778 But a miss it is! 60979779 Safely through with no damage... 60979774 ...except to the corn they trampled in their wake... 60980595 60980597 Beautiful moon over an Iowa cornfield...does it get any prettier? 60980599 60982336 Pause a moment to determine the best way to get across Hwy 38. 60982337 Looks like we'll need a little assistance to make sure we cross quickly. 60982338 Coming through! 60982340 Made it across with the light fading fast 60982341 But they arrived safely at the museum 60982335 HOOORAY!!!!!!! 60982339 They'll stay here a while till we get the foundations poured. 61223673