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Bedbug School - Did You Go To A Country School?

          The Bed Bug School building was built in 1910 to replace an older structure and it was state-of-the-art!  It had a furnace in the basement - no more potbellied stove for the children to shiver around on cold winter days!  It was located north of Tipton in Red Oak Township, at the southeast corner of King Ave and 190th St, and was known as Red Oak #2 at that time.    

          When the Tipton School District consolidated, Bed Bug, along with many other country school buildings, was moved into town and used as extra classrooms while the new school was being built at 6th and Plum.  After it was completed in 1925, the schoolhouses were used as storage at the school site.  Many of the buildings were no longer needed, and were moved to other locations in town - the most visible being the old Legion building behind City Hall on 4th St, which is really two country schoolhouses combined into one larger building.

Bed Bug was moved to the fairgrounds in the 1990s and moved to our Pioneer Village site in December 2009.  It was placed on its foundation in the summer of 2010.  It made the move with no trouble; the furniture - including piano, school desks, blackboards, etc - stayed inside!  It's now ship-shape and ready for school kids to make day trips! 

Those of you who attended country school - we welcome your ideas, your remembrances, your PICTURES, of your days there. 

          In 2011 and 2012 we took some major renovation/preservation steps: new paint inside and out, gutters installed, handicap-accessible ramp added, the school bell rehung (a favorite for kids to ring!), installed a screen door, and the floor was refinished.  The school has proven to be VERY popular during our "A Day on the Prairie" events.

It is available for Cedar County teachers to bring their classes out to experience "a day in the life."  This webmaster has vivid memories of visiting a one-room schoolhouse when she was in third grade - it was one of the best field trips ever!  We got to have lessons at the recitation bench, play on the swing set, use the outhouse (sadly, an experience that will be denied visitors to the Bed Bug School), and just step back in time for a day.  It was lovely, and now Cedar County children have that same opportunity.

          Please consider a donation towards the Bed Bug Schoolhouse at the Prairie Village.  We also welcome volunteer labor - please call Sandy at the museum or watch our website calendar to find out work dates.