Cedar County Historical Society & Museum

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Working Blacksmith Shop

          This lovely shed was discovered on a farm west of Cedar Bluff and moved to the fairgrounds initially.  In December of 2009 it was moved to the Prairie Village and set on its foundation in the summer of 2010.  We don't know the full providence of this building, but it clearly did not begin life on a farm - the beautiful false front places it as a "town building," perhaps a blacksmith shop, but certainly a shop of some sort.  We suspect it was moved from Gowers Ferry or Cedar Bluff to the farm when the building was no longer of use in town.  What a neat discovery, and what a great preservation and re-use of a historic building! 

          Our board member and blacksmith, Mike Rocca, wowed everyone with his artistic creations at the 2012 "A Day on the Prairie" event using a temporary forge.  We plan to construct a permanent brick forge and re-lay the brick floor in 2013.  However, as with all exciting projects, this requires funds.  Please consider a donation to our Prairie Village so we can serve YOU by showing you history in the making!