Cedar County Historical Society & Museum

 1094 Hwy 38 * Tipton, IA * 52772

Working Blacksmith Shop

The building we use as a blacksmith shop was donated to the society in 1999 and moved to the Cedar County Fairgrounds. The original provenance of the building before it went to the farm from which we moved it from is unknown. It would seem though, the building probably started of as a shop in a town, possibly Cedar Bluff or Gowers Ferry, as indicated by its false front and interior architecture. Once at the fairgrounds the building was renovated into a working blacksmith shop where demonstrations of the trade can be seen during our Day on the Prairie or large group tours. In December 2009 the blacksmith shop was moved from the fairgrounds to the Prairie Village and placed on the foundation it sits on today the following spring. Recently a brick paved ramp has been added to the font of the building thus making it handicap accessible. The interior of the building holds a couple of replica civil war benches for folks to sit and watch the blacksmith at work, or check out the brick forge, a bellows we hope to soon repair, and a large drill press mounted to one wall.