Cedar County Historical Society & Museum

 1094 Hwy 38 * Tipton, IA * 52772

Fraseur Cabin: Built in 1842

          This lovely cabin has withstood several moves - first moved from its original location west of Tipton up to Massillon Park in northern Cedar County in 1975.  It was preserved there until 2006 when it was moved to the "new" Cedar County museum site.  It is now surrounded by a prairie-in-progress which was planted in 2010.  Thirty-five species of native grasses and wildflowers were seeded, and in the first year, fourteen species have been identified!  That is fantastic for a first year prairie establishment, and certain to improve in the coming years!

In 2012, we started a cabin restoration project.  A wooden floor was installed and a contractor began to re-chink the logs.  In doing so, he found a log that is nearly rotted through, so we'll need to replace it before he can finish the chinking.  In early 2013, the roof will be replaced with new shakes, which should last another 25+ years.  To many, this is our most precious building, because it shows the early history of Cedar County.  Our goal is to restore and preserve it for future generations, while remaining true to its origins and materials used.