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Snippets From the Past: Cedar County Historical Reviews (Available for purchase at the museum when available - Please confirm the issue is in stock prior to sending any funds by calling Tanya at 563.886.2899 or email cchsmus@netins.net. Thank you.)

1958 ($10): John Brown, Cedar County Historical Society, Cedar County Pioneers, Grace Noll Crowell, Newspaper

August 1959 ($10): Settlement of Friends, Springdale, Cemeteries, Early War Veterans

December 1959 ($10): Rural Churches

1960 ($10): Schools of Cedar County, Cedar County Fair, Pioneer Life

1961 ($10): Civil War Letters, Ancestors, Spanish-American War, Henry Harman, Lowden, Bennett, Red Oak Park

1962 ($10): James Davis, Walton Family, Stanwood, Christian King, 1840 Census,

1963 ($10): Old Settlers, Pioneers of Springdale, Cedar County Mills, Ghost Towns of Cedar County

1964 ($10): Civil War, Fist Settlers of Cedar County, First Census of Cedar County

1965 ($10): Stagecoach and Pioneer Mail, Passenger Trains, Rochester Bridge, Early Roads, Civil War, Herbert Hoover Tribute

1966 ($10): Township Schools

1967 ($10): Country Schools

1968 ($10): Automobiles, Gus Monckmeier, Schools

1969 ($10): Breaking Prairie, Schools, Gower Family, Cedar Bluff

1970 ($10): Lime City, Pioneer Firearms, E.A. Gray, Schools

1971($10): Cedar Bluff, Cedar County Mills, John Zuck, Railroads, Prairie Chickens, Lowden, Tipton, Schools

1972 ($10): Threshing

1973 ($10): Telephones

1974 ($10): Prairie Heritage, Rochester Cemetery

1975 ($10): Cedar County population, Cedar County Immigration, Hunting and trapping, Cedar County Historical Society

1976 ($10): Surveying Cedar County, Schools, Electric Lights, Creameries, DAR

1977 ($10): Cedar Valley Quarries, Roads, Townships

1978 ($10): Craven Orchestra, Chautauqua, Blacksmiths, Radios

1979 ($10): Women of Cedar County, Trees

1980 ($10): BARNS!!!! Our classic (and hard to find) barn edition.

1981 ($10): "Where Are the Towns of Yesteryear?" maps, stories, and photos from villages past.

1982 ($10): "Cedar County's First Inhabitants" articles ranging from the Native Americans, to the settlers, to WWI

1983 ($3): Farm machinery, farming w/horses, White Pigeon school, a history of Indian artifacts

1984 ($3): TRACTORS! Moving from horsepower to mechanical power. Also, history of Red Oak Grove and the Red Oak Presbyterian church.

1985 ($3): Houses in Cedar County; this is a FASCINATING edition. It has photos and stories of the earliest houses, as well as the grandest houses in the county. (including the Alex Buchanan house that was recently moved in order to save it from demolition). There is a rather in-depth article from Don Stout on the Bickett-Hall-Rate-Larkin house, Edgewood Hall. This house and the surrounding farm is now owned by the Society, thanks to Evelyn Larkin's generosity.

1986 ($3): More houses, photos of Cedar Valley quarry, an article on famed actress Sarah Bernhardt, rumored to be from Rochester, Iowa.

1987 ($3): Century Farm edition. Over 30 stories of farms owned by members of one family since at least 1887. Many of them had been owned since the mid-1800s. Beautiful pictures of old homes and the people who built them. Of note is an article on the Bickett-Hall-Rate-Larkin farm, which was a Century Farm when it was bequeathed to the Society.

1988 ($3): Several articles about the 1944 storm and flood. Sugar Creek and Rock Creek both took several bridges out, including the Hwy 130 bridge east of Tipton. In all, 96 bridges were damaged, 56 completely destroyed, and 34 bridges had washed-out approaches. Also in this edition - Bicycling! It became popular in the 1890s.

1989 ($3): Bells, bells, bells! Church bells, fire bells, farm bells, the courthouse bell. Also History of women's groups in Cedar County, and Windmills.

1990 ($3): Creeks of Cedar County, Flood of 1990, Iron Bridges of the county, and local musicians.

1991 ($3): Cedar County's earliest settlers, Corncribs, an 1877 Hebrew wedding in Tipton (!), Traveler's accounts of early Cedar County, various forms of lighting for farm and house, and the Page Hotel in Mechanicsville.

1992 ($3): Country schools, Cattle herds (dairy and beef) of Cedar Co, Horseracing, and Railroads.

1993 ($3): Farming practices, including the advent of alfalfa, soybeans, and hybrid corn. Also in this edition - some funny Halloween pranks involving outhouses and farm animals, followed by articles about early funeral customs and mourning cards. A lengthy and interesting excerpt from Linda R. Ashley's book Your Affectionate Pastor, Ebenezer Alden, Jr. rounds out this year's Review. The book contains letters written by the aforementioned pastor while he served the Tipton Congregational Church from 1844-1848. His words paint a picture of a man who is engaging, occasionally whiny, and sometimes rather scathing as he describes his fellow settlers' shortcomings - in short, he's human! Definitely worth reading!

1994 ($3): Corn Picking and Husking, Century Farms, Farm Bureau, Flower Walks, Francis Frymoyer, James, McMillan

1995 ($3): WWII

1996 ($3): WWII, other wars

1997 ($3): Bennett, Tipton Schools, WWII

1998 ($3): The Cow War

1999 ($3): Lincoln Highway, Hall Family, Rate Family

2000 ($3): 1930’s, Great Depression, World’s Trade Fair

2001 ($3): Tipton Junior College, Sugar Creek Township, Country School Teachers

2001 ($3): Herbert Hoover, US Presidents, Ann Raley, Edwin Coppoc

2003 ($3): Korean War

2004 ($3): Korean War

2005 ($3): Farmlife, Trinity Lutheran School, Ku Klux Klan, Korean War, Other wars

2006 ($3): Girls Basketball

2007 ($3): Oregon Trail, Architecture History, Auto Racing

2008 ($3): Cedar County Historical Society, Architecture History, Auto Racing, Newspapers

2009 ($3): Springdale School, Architecture History, John Witmer

2010 ($10): Cedar County Cemeteries

2011 ($3): Baseball, Architecture History, Bennett, Dale Thomas

2012 ($3): Baseball, Architecture History

2013 ($3): Civil War

2014 ($3): Civil War

2015 ($3): Civil War

2016 ($3): Football, William M. Knott

2017 ($3): WWI. Barns, Football

2018 ($5): WWI, Barns