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Kemmann's Implement

Another of the 3 store fronts is set up as an implement dealership with items on display including a turn of the century carriage, a 2person horse drawn sleigh, corn sizer and two types of cream separators. The focal piece of the room is our cherished 1905 Orient Buckboard – a small, 1 person (2 tiny people), open top, wood car with a single cylinder engine. This car was used by H.D. Kemmann, for whom the store front is named for, to travel between his two automobile dealerships in Clarence and Lowden. It had been fully restored and drained of all fluids by his family and displayed in the family dealership. One of his decedents then donated the vehicle to the society to display as an exhibit.

The Kemmann’s started as a black smith shop in the 1800’s. As times and technology changed, they evolved that business into a farm implement business to meet their customers’ needs. Then they continued to evolve into an automobile dealership and eventually specialized in Chevys. Because of there ability to adjust the Kemmann’s served their customers’ vehicular needs for over a century before closing their doors for good.

H.D. Kemmann's 1905 Orient Buckboard
and Donor Donna Meier