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Women in Cedar County History

March is women in history month and a great time for us to honor a few of the great women of Cedar County. On display are photos and information about some of these women.

Darlene Elizabeth Haerther Koering served in the Marines during WW II and was chosen to be one of 100 Lady Marines that marched in the Honor Guard of President Franklin Roosevelt’s funeral.

Mary Wittak Wildenburg was a Navy nurse during the Vietnam era and has earned a Master’s in nursing.

Dorothy Elizabeth Miller Reid served as a Marine during WW II and trained women Marines at the Marine Corps Base, San Diego, CA.

Myrtle Jane Hinkhouse, M.D. was a medical doctor and served as a missionary in China.

Cheyenne Boddicker Kofmehl is the first woman from Iowa to have swum the English Channel.

Grace Noll Crowell was a poet and appointed Poet Laureate of Texas.

Ella Marie Noring was a Red Cross Nurse during WW I and died while serving in this role.

Anna Elizabeth Hartz Iker was a Red Cross Nurse during WW I and received several awards for her service.

Mildred Whiting Mather served in the Army during WW II serving in the Classified Message Center across from the Pentagon.

Esther Joy Stratton Witmer a mother , farm wife, teacher, quilter, and more is famous for her work “A Country Woman’s Creed”.

Moore Hymnal Collection (Coming Exhibit to the South Bethel Church)

James Moore, grandson of Otis Moore who started the collection, sent us this collection of 474 hymnals that were shipped to the museum in 13 boxes.

     Otis Moore was a minister who served in the South Bethel Church from 1931-1939 and started the hymnal collection. He passed the collection on to his son Richard (Dick) Moore who also served as a minister in New York State. Richard's son James inherited the collection and thought they would be at home again in the church thus sending them to us in the fall of 2014.

     In the collection there is a wide variety of hymnals. There are hymnals from different denominations including; Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Military, Church of Christ, and Hindu to name a few. The hymnals also come in many languages including, English, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Czech among others. The oldest hymnal in the collection was published in 1771. This great collection will eventually be placed in the South Bethel Church once we have the shelving in place to hold them.

SGT. Elmer Dodd Hinkhouse WWI

2014 marks the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of World War I also called the Great War. It was another two years before the United States joined the Allied Forces. People and organizations around the world are commemorating this world altering event and remembering those who fought so bravely.


A child’s game; not any more. Check out the marble exhibit on loan from Tom Mackey resident of Tipton and a long time marble collector. His collection includes a wide variety of marbles with fascinating colors and patterns.

Military Room (Permanent Exhibit) 

Cedar County families have contributed soldiers to every war the US has fought in since the Civil War.  This exhibit showcases their strength and bravery. 

Scattergood Hostel (Permanent Exhibit) 

During World War II, the Scattergood Friends School, located east of West Branch, served as a refugee camp.  This exhibit was generously donated and became a permanent part of our museum in 2009.