Cedar County Historical Society & Museum

 1094 Hwy 38 * Tipton, IA * 52772


The main museum building has a variety of exhibits that showcase the life, culture and history of Cedar County. Some exhibits are here permanently such as our Military Room, Scattergood Hostel, and Sports Wall of Fame Exhibits. Others go on display long term and then there are exhibits that change out every few months to a year.  We feel that this gives us the opportunity to represent the vast richness in historical artifacts that have been generously donated to the museum while sharing the historical stories of Cedar County. We encourage our patrons to stop in often because there is always something new to see. 

Listen to the Music

The theme for the 2018 Annual Day on the Prairie was Music on the Prairie. These two exhibits were put up to help celebrate that theme. You are invited to come and see the interesting artifacts on display including a ukelin, cylinder record phonograph, pitch pipe, soprano saxophone, and other interesting music related artifacts.  

Church Exhibit

Our church exhibit displays photos of most of the churches of Cedar County both past and present. It also has pulpits, chairs and even an organ to help you imagine what the first churches of Cedar County must have been like. You may be wondering if that beautiful brown dress was worn by a preacher's wife. No - it is actually a wedding dress. Ask our museum coordinator to tell you about early wedding traditions and symbolism of the early settlers of Cedar County when you visit.

School Exhibit

In our school exhibit you can see photos and artifacts of Cedar County schools as well as a sampling of clothing, books, furniture and more from an earlier Cedar County.

The Victorian Living Room

Driving through and around the communities of Cedar County  it is easy to see the influence of Victorian design in many of our earliest homes.  If you ever wondered what they might have looked like inside the museum has a display of furniture from the time period. And if you ever wondered why some chairs had arms and others did not the Museum Coordinator can tell you.

Cedar County and the Underground Railroad

Did you know that Cedar County played a key role in the success of the Underground Railroad? Well we did and our John Brown chair serves as a reminder of just how much impact our small rural communities had on the event that helped change a nation.  We have lots of literature on the Underground Railroad in our research room and our Museum Coordinator knows a few interesting stories too.


Of course farming has been the main supporting business in Cedar County since it was founded.  Our Bob Decker Corn Crib and Steve Kohl Barn will let you get an up close and detailed look at a small part of the industry that has made Cedar County what it is today. 

Other Points of Interest

  • Writing Desk with Mather Cucumber Chair
  • Winifred Miller Paintings
  • George Burroughs Arrowhead Collection
  • Tipton's 175th
  • And many many  more items on display